Category: Being a Multicultural Church

Trusting in the work of the Holy Spirit 

By Rev Dr Matagi Vilitama, Being a Multicultural Circle Advocate In a world characterised by globalisation and increasing inter-cultural interaction, it is critical that we engage other cultures and the differing perspectives they offer in our daily experiences both inside and outside worshipping congregations. We trust the work of the Holy Spirit in the weaving […]

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National Conferences meet

By Apwee Ting, National Consultant President Deidre Palmer met with leaders from the National Conferences of the Uniting Church. It was the first time for the President to meet with all 11 National Conferences in one room – South Sudanese, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indonesian, Korean, Tongan, Fijian, Samoan and Niuean. The day opened by Deidre with worship […]

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