Unconfirmed Minute – Marriage and same-gender relationships

UNCONFIRMED MINUTEResolution of the Fifteenth AssemblyMarriage and same-gender relationshipsThe Assembly resolved:(a) To acknowledge:(i) that within the Uniting Church there is a diversity of religious beliefs and ethical understandings, developed through continuing faithful discernment and held with integrity on matters relating to sexuality and marriage; and(ii) that marriage is a gift God has given to humankind for the […]

Pastoral Letter from the President in Different LanguagesClick on tabs below to read in your languageEnglishChineseFijianIndonesianKoreanSamoanTonganNiueanFilipinoVietnameseEnglishTo all congregations and faith communitiesMarriage and same-gender relationshipsMy dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,The Assembly, the national council of the Uniting Church, has been considering the issue of marriage and same-gender relationships.This long conversation over almost 30 years in our […]

Assembly Wraps Up

The Uniting Church in Australia’s 15th Triennial Assembly has concluded, after considering some final business.This marks the end of a busy and historic Assembly, with a packed agenda.Assembly started its business for the final day by discussing Proposal 11, the affirmed member proposal. This was ongoing business regarding a proposal to insert a new definition of […]

A Reflection on the marriage decision

Rev. Prof Andrew Dutney, Professor of Theology, Flinders University, Past President, Uniting Church in Australia”Uniting Church approves same-sex marriage.”The headline conceals what actually happened in Melbourne this week. Without setting out to do so, the Uniting Church recovered its stated vocation of making visible unity in diversity.Of course, the 15th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia […]

We all stand on common ground

Guests from other churches and other faiths joined members of the Assembly Resourcing Unit at a Seeking Common Ground Circle session on Day 6 of the 15th Assembly.Each of the guests were asked to share an example of “Seeking Common Ground” from their life experiences.Fr Ruwan Palapathwala, an Anglican priest in the Diocese of Melbourne […]

Freedom to Decide on Marriage

The 15th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia has agreed to hold two equal and distinct views on marriage to honour the diversity of Christian belief among its members.Meeting for the first time since last year’s change to Australian marriage laws, members of the Church’s national decision-making body, the Assembly, resolved to allow its […]

Working and praying for peace in Korea

A high-level representative from the Uniting Church’s partner denomination in South Korea was on hand as the 15th Assembly committed its support to the peace process on the peninsula.In the wake of the meeting between the North Korean and South Korean leaders earlier this year the Uniting Church pledged to support moves towards a peace […]

Weaving the kingdom of God

Weaving and re-weaving were employed as a powerful way to understand the God’s love and Kingdom as Rev. Dr Seforosa Carroll and Rev. James Bhagwan led their final morning Bible study on Friday at the 15th Assembly being held at Box Hill Town Hall in Melbourne.After opening worship led by Rev. Dr. Julia Pitman from […]

Uniting Church Recognises First Peoples’ Sovereignty

The Uniting Church has affirmed that the First Peoples of Australia, the Aboriginal and Islander Peoples, are sovereign peoples in Australia.On 13 July, the 15th Assembly meeting approved the statement affirming sovereignty by consensus at Box Hill Town Hall in Melbourne.After consultation with working groups an earlier proposal was amended to give an expanded definition […]

Standing Committee Elected

The elected members of the next Assembly Standing Committee were announced on Friday morning at the 15th Assembly meeting at Box Hill Town Hall in Melbourne.Felicity AmeryDavid BakerRob BrownHayden CharlesSteve FrancisGeoffrey GrintonAndrew JohnsonJason KioaElaine LedgerwoodClare LigtermoetFie MarinoKath Merrifield  Nicole MugfordCatherine PepperElaine RaeGeoff ThomsonYuko Tonai-MooreIan Tozer