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Cato Lecture

Bishop of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church Rev. Dr Ken Carter will deliver the Cato Lecture to the 15th Assembly.

Unconfirmed Minute - Marriage and same-gender relationships

UNCONFIRMED MINUTEResolution of the Fifteenth AssemblyMarriage and same-gender relationshipsThe Assembly resolved:(a) To acknowledge:(i) that within the Uniting Church there is a diversity of religious beliefs and ethical understandings, developed through continuing faithful discernment and held with integrity on matters relating to sexuality and marriage; and(ii) that marriage is a gift God has given to humankind for the […]

Pastoral Letter from the President on Marriage

Pastoral Letter from the President in Different LanguagesClick on tabs below to read in your languageEnglishChineseFijianIndonesianKoreanSamoanTonganNiueanFilipinoVietnameseEnglishTo all congregations and faith communitiesMarriage and same-gender relationshipsMy dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,The Assembly, the national council of the Uniting Church, has been considering the issue of marriage and same-gender relationships.This long conversation over almost 30 years in our […]

Assembly Wraps Up

The Uniting Church in Australia’s 15th Triennial Assembly has concluded, after considering some final business.This marks the end of a busy and historic Assembly, with a packed agenda.Assembly started its business for the final day by discussing Proposal 11, the affirmed member proposal. This was ongoing business regarding a proposal to insert a new definition of […]


For the 15th Assembly and the following three years, this theme invites us to live by God’s abundant grace – reflecting God’s generous and overflowing love, in our relationships with one another, in our local community contexts and in our relationships in the wider world.

Discerning the spirit together

The Uniting Church in Australia hears the voice of God through the councils of our Church.

265 members are elected from across our Synods and Presbyteries to form a national decision-making body guided by the Holy Spirit.

The 15th Assembly meeting encourages community and listening to one another in openness and humility through a model of consensus decision-making.

How the meeting works

The six-day Triennial Assembly is chaired by the President.

Reports are presented by Assembly agencies and groups with time for every voice to be heard. Discussions happen in small table groups, and questions are answered in plenary sessions.

The business of the meeting falls into three broad categories:
- Holding the Assembly’s agencies and groups to account.
- Making decisions on matters the Assembly has a determining
   responsibility according to the Church’s Constitution.
- Making decisions that offer leadership and guidance to the Church.

Consensus decision-making

The meeting operates on a unique model of consensus decision-making, using coloured cards to indicate responses to proposals and reports being discussed.

Orange: warmth to a point of view or approval of a proposal.
Blue: not ready to support a proposal - need more information, have questions or disapprove of a proposal.
Yellow: indicate questions or clarification

These indications enable the chairperson and the whole meeting to gauge the strength of feeling for various ideas.

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