For the 15th Assembly and the following three years, this theme invites us to live by God’s abundant grace – reflecting God’s generous and overflowing love, in our relationships with one another, in our local community contexts and in our relationships in the wider world.

Discerning the spirit together

The Uniting Church in Australia hears the voice of God through the councils of our Church.

265 members are elected from across our Synods and Presbyteries to form a national decision-making body guided by the Holy Spirit.

The 15th Assembly meeting encourages community and listening to one another in openness and humility through a model of consensus decision-making.

How the meeting works

The six-day Triennial Assembly is chaired by the President.

Reports are presented by Assembly agencies and groups with time for every voice to be heard. Discussions happen in small table groups, and questions are answered in plenary sessions.

The business of the meeting falls into three broad categories:
- Holding the Assembly’s agencies and groups to account.
- Making decisions on matters the Assembly has a determining
   responsibility according to the Church’s Constitution.
- Making decisions that offer leadership and guidance to the Church.

Consensus decision-making

The meeting operates on a unique model of consensus decision-making, using coloured cards to indicate responses to proposals and reports being discussed.

Orange: warmth to a point of view or approval of a proposal.
Blue: not ready to support a proposal - need more information, have questions or disapprove of a proposal.

These indications enable the chairperson and the whole meeting to gauge the strength of feeling for various ideas.

If you're an elected member, let us know your details:

Here’s how you can be ready for the 15th Assembly:

Join us in 40 Days
of Prayer

We’ll be praying over the 40 days leading up to the 15th Assembly.

Reflect on and read
the Bible.

Think about why we’re coming together, be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Spend time with the
Manual for Meetings

It will help you understand how the 15th Assembly meeting works.

Download the CrowdCompass app to your
device and search for UCA to get started.

Login via desktop: 15th Assembly App

Reflect on the 15th
Assembly theme.



Walk on country with
First Peoples.

Read a book.

  • Being Disciples: Essentials of the Christian Life - Rowan Williams

  • Fresh Expressions: A New Kind of Methodist Church for People Not in Church - Kenneth H Carter and Audrey Warren (Ken is the Cato Lecturer for the 15th Assembly)

  • Practicing Extravagant Generosity: Daily Readings on the Grace of Giving - Robert Schnase

  • Introducing the Uniting Church in Australia - Andrew Dutney

Need help?
Contact Assembly Coordinator

Lisa Carey