Category: Being a Multicultural Church

Filipino National Conference 2020

Written by Rev. Sophia Lizares, Minister Kalamunda Uniting Church and St Martin’s Foothills Uniting Church Troubled by cyclones and mounting authoritarianism in their home country, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic both there as well as in Australia, Filipinos are charting a distinctive path as members of the Uniting Church. Using the Filipino practice of “Damayan: […]

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Empowering the next generation

Empowering the Next GenerationsBy Rev. Dr Apwee Ting, National Consultant, Assembly Resourcing Unit It was a joy this month to again meet with Uniting Church National Conference leaders. The Assembly Resourcing Unit along with UCA President Dr Deidre Palmer hosted the gatherings welcoming First and Second Generation leaders in two separate online meetings. A key focus […]

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Intergen meets Intercultural Part 2

Intergenerational meets Intercultural PART 2Kingdom Values vs Cultural Values By Robin Yang I’m writing to continue pondering on how discipleship looks in the intersectionality of the intercultural and intergenerational spaces. Every discipleship framework, and indeed almost everything related to faith and life, places values as the core. These values are the centre around which orbits […]

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