Growing Faith in God

Growing in faith is something we live out every day.  It is about the enjoyment of God, who is the beginning and end of all things, and who holds us – all of us –  within an eternal and dependable love. Growing in faith increases our trust and obedience in God and leads to the transformation of our lives.


Discipleship is at the core of our Christian faith. It simply means following Jesus’ example and teaching. It is a lifelong process of learning, doing and being. As disciples we are called to nurture our understanding of Scripture, to learn to think theologically, to develop in our spirituality, as we join with God in God’s work in the world.

Faith Formation at Home

Helping families to grow together in their faith and understanding of God is something which Christian parents strive to do. Chris Barnett (Children and Families Coordinator from VIC/TAS Synod) gives his TOP 5 faith formation resources that families can use at home. 


Connecting Families, Nurturing Faith

A resource for ministry leaders to encourage discipleship across households.

Doc.bytes 2019

A collection of papers responding to questions from the 15th Assmbly's decision on Marriage


Growing In Faith

Growing as disciples of Christ is central to our journey of faith. Be informed about and offer input into our theological understandings and how we participate in God’s mission in 21st Century Australia. Share your faith journey with others.