A Justice-Oriented Church

The Uniting Church in Australia has always understood itself as being oriented towards justice, sharing in God’s mission which is the reconciliation of the world. Since its inception in 1977 the UCA has been speaking out on social and environmental issues of concern and engaging with governments on matters of public policy.

Climate Justice

The Uniting Church seeks the flourishing of the whole of God's creation and all of God's creatures. We are particularly concerned about the threat of human-induced climate change on our planet. As Christians, we believe acting on climate change is a matter of justice. 

Religious Freedom 

The Uniting Church has played an active part in a national conversation about what it means to enjoy religious freedom. In a submission to the Federal Government's proposed new Religious Discrimination Bills, the UCA has raised its concern that the proposed laws do not adequately ensure the human rights of all Australians. 


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Day of Mourning

On the Sunday before Australia Day, UCA Congregations are invited to mark a Day of Mourning to reflect on and lament the effects of invasion and colonisation of Australia's First Peoples. 

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Build Back Better

A set of principles and key actions that will guide the way to a better future as Australia recovers from the coronavirus pandemic drawing upon the Uniting Church vision for a just Australia.


Central to the identity of the Uniting Church is a commitment to pursue a just and peaceful world, to uphold human rights for all people and to care for the environment. Live out this call to be a prophetic voice for justice in our church, our communities and our world.