Faith Formation at Home

A key part of our ministry with emerging generations is helping families to grow together in their faith. Chris Barnett, Intergenerational Ministry, Children and Families, Synod of VIC/TAS, offers this TOP 5 of Faith Formation Resources for Families at Home.

  1. Chat Mat
    Developed in Australia, these Chat Matters placemats are designed around the Here2Stay faith forming pillars,*
    Not only can households use this resource to stimulate faith enhancing mealtime conversations among themselves, used with appropriate discernment they can also be used over a meal with guests. They can also be an inspiration for households to design their own “chat mats”! 

  2. Kitchen Table Project
    This deceptively simple concept provides a straight-forward and easy to implement process that can be used regularly or on an ad hoc basis. The five steps of Sharing, Reading, Talking, Praying and Blessing are accessible and adaptable for a variety of household shapes and sizes.

  3. Faith Five
    “There are plenty of simple things we can do that will nurture a living faith at home. The good news is, you don’t need to be an expert!” This resource recognises that households are already doing multiple things that can affirm and encourage faith. In essence, with much grace, it encourages a little more intentionality around a range of easy, everyday opportunities.

  4. Growing Faith Moments
    Four key faith practices for the nurture and encouragement of lifelong faith are Caring Conversations, Devotions, Service, and Rituals and Traditions. Each of the 1-page resources in this series provides ides provides a simple outline for these four aspects in relation to a significant household “moment” – such as beginning school, receiving a driver’s license or becoming a parent.

  5. Family Faith Formation Toolkit
    The strength of this helpful resource is in highlighting the role that churches can play in growing faith in households. The flourishing of faith at home is more likely when the household members and their local faith community are in an active, supportive partnership together. This resource provides a suite of useful principles and activities to encourage the local church in this endeavour.

*The Here2Stay faith forming pillars, as originally articulated, are Family/Household Nurture, Generational Connections, Positive Peer Community, Mentors/Life Coaches, Big Story of the Bible, Encounters with Jesus, Peak Experiences, Rites of Passage, Respond with Compassion and Serve in Mission)

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Chris Barnett is based at the Centre of Theology and Ministry in Melbourne as part of the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania’s Equipping for Ministry and Leadership unit. Working in the Intergenerational Cluster, Chris has the specific role of Intergenerational Ministry (Children & Families). As part of his role, Chris distributes a Monthly Children and Families Ministry Update. If you would like to be added to the distribution list, please e-mail

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These resources come from the Growing in Faith Circle November 2019 newsletter.