Creating a Welcoming Sensory Space

By Rev. Beatriz Skippen, Bulimba Uniting Church, QLD Our Bulimba Uniting Church building is 152 years old. We have a hall, a kitchen downstairs and a vestry with a kitchenette. There is no office space. Last year we rearranged the vestry, putting in some couches and some toys. I realised the importance of having sensory […]

Called to be a Church for All

New Liturgy Regarding People with Disabilities The Transforming Worship Circle has created a new liturgy that acknowledges both the experiences of exclusion and embrace for people with disabilities. Titled, Called to be a Church for All, the liturgy is the result of the 15th Assembly’s commitment to justice and inclusion regarding people with disabilities. A task […]

Statement of Access and Welcome

The 15th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia adopted the following Statement of Access and Welcome as a starting point for further conversation and action regarding justice and equality for people with disability. In accordance with the Uniting Church Basis of Union, the Church is a fellowship of reconciliation, “a body within which the […]

Welcoming the Alien

By Rev. Lindsay Cullen, Assembly National Consultant and Sci-Fi aficionado Sci-Fi Church Sydney is a “Fresh Expression” designed to create a community space for people who love Sci-Fi and want to discuss the themes and ideas they find in Sci-Fi books, TV shows and movies, and the ways they intersect with spirituality and the Christian […]

Breaking the Silence

By Rev. Sandy Boyce, Deacon, Pilgrim Uniting Church, SA Break the Silence Sunday (BTSS) is an initiative that began in the United States, with a specific focus on sexual assault and rape. The SA Presbytery and Synod agreed in February 2019 to adopt the global day for BTSS, the fourth Sunday in April. BTSS aims […]

Hello Companions on the Way!

One of my favorites all time worship inspirations passed away earlier this year. Her name was Mary Oliver. Of her many, many great works was this little gem, which, in a way, captures the heart of what worship can be…. “Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” As folk involved […]

Holy Family by Kelly Latimore

No Donkey and No Inn

Circle member Rev. Jon Humphries reflects on the story of Jesus birth as it is in the scriptures, without the cultural and religious filters on. This is what he found.  1. Life is hard for many. They eek out their daily existence following routine and culture. For some, even in the midst of daily struggle, […]

Voodoo Madonna and Child by Erzulie Dantor

Called to be the Bearers of God

Circle Advocate Rev. Alex Sangster shares a Christmas message.  We, the Transforming Worship Circle are journeying together in Advent. Advent is all about, the dark before dawn and the smashing and clashing of stars… and the preparation for the birthing… Advent is the time to go into the deep, where the night has eyes to […]

Get to know Rev. David McGregor

Rev. David McGregor is a Panel Member for the Transforming Worship Circle. He shares some of his story. I am nearing the end of my fifth year in ministry at Wellers Hill-Tarragindi Uniting Church in inner south-eastern Brisbane. I love being part of an intergenerational community that seeks to go deeper in faith, discipleship, worship […]