Discovery as Discipleship

Growing in Faith Advocate Rev. Ann Perrin considers the meaning we give to the word disciple at this time in the life of our church. According to the Oxford English Dictionary (Second Edition Vol. 4) the first entry describing of the word disciple is to teach, train and educate. The second entry is to convert […]

The Bible Project

Circle Member Jon Humphries shared this post about the Bible Project:  Many here will know of the Bible Project, but if you haven’t already caught the Bible Project, the work that they do is exceptional. Even if you have encountered some of their videos, you may not realise that they have some series which which […]

BOOK REVIEW: Being Disciples

By Liam Miller Charting Chapter 1 of Rowan William’s book Being Disciples. Being Disciples: Essentials of Christian Life is part two of an unofficial trilogy of excellent, accessible, nuanced (and short!) books on the Christian life (Being Christians and Being Human bracket this volume). In Chapter 1, Williams suggests “being disciples” is about two things: continuing […]

Cruciform community

By Matthew Julius, Growing in Faith Panel Member As we journey towards Easter we turn particular focus to the central event of our Christian faith: the crucifixion of Jesus the Messiah. There the body of Christ hung dejected and condemned from a Roman cross. It is this event which defines our faith. ​ The Basis […]

Luke and Easter

By Rev Dr Matthew Wilson All four gospels recount the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Each gospel tells the story from a different perspective, and each story is different. John’s gospel tells the story of Jesus quite differently from the other three synoptic (like-seeing) gospels. However when it comes to the Easter […]

Meet Liam Miller

Liam Miller is a Panel Member for the Growing in Faith Circle.He introduces himself on video

Revelation through scripture

Growing in Faith Advocate Rev. Ann Perrin continues a conversation about the nature of revelation, looking at it through the lens of Wesley’s quadrilateral. I now read and listen and reflect upon scripture looking for God, to see what learning, inspiration and prompting there might be for me. However, it was not always so. In […]