2019 President’s Anniversary Message

UCA President Dr Deidre Palmer has recorded a message to all Church members on the occasion of the 42 anniversary of the Uniting Church in Australia.

 Greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, on this 42nd anniversary of the Uniting Church in Australia.

My name is Deidre Palmer and I have the joy of serving the Uniting Church in Australia as President.

Over this past year, I have asked people across the life of the Uniting Church – where do you see God’s liberating hope?

 I have listened to faithful members share stories of people coming to know Christ through the ministries of their congregations.

 I have spoken with chaplains, ministering in our hospitals, prisons, defence force, aged care services and in the heartland of Australia, who are offering God’s love and comfort with compassion and hope.

 I have spent time in conversation with our young adults, who are responding to God’s call to ministry in their worship gatherings, in their work places, and their relationships.

 I have seen God’s liberating hope in the mission of our Assembly agencies – Uniting Care Australia, Frontier Services and Uniting World.

 As I gather with other church leaders here in Canberra, for the National Council of Churches in Australia Forum, God’s liberating hope is evident as we come together as Christians to act on climate change, to overcome violence against women, children and men; and to bring about justice for First Peoples.

 I am excited about what the coming year holds for us as the Uniting Church.

 Where do you see Christ leading us?

As conversations about religion continue to be part of our public discourse, how will our voice be heard in this space?

 In what ways will we engage in advocacy for those who experience injustice and marginalisation?

 I pray that in the coming year, as the Uniting Church in Australia, we invite people into the abundance of God’s love, into the vision of justice and compassion for all Australians and into Christ’s community of welcome, grace, healing and hope.

May you be blessed with God’s joy and peace on this our 42nd anniversary.