QLD Synod: Hate is not an Option

The QLD Synod Interfaith Relations Committee (SIRC) share their recent presentation at the QLD Synod and a resource for speaking at local congregations.

The Committee’s current project is share their work with local communities. They have developed a number of resources to do so and have shared them here with the Seeking Common Ground Circle. 

Here is some of what they say: 

“This work is about building relationships, creating friendships, not arguing points of belief. Interestingly, many Christians find that working in the interfaith space actually enables us to say “I believe…” in a stronger and more articulate way. That is, to name our Christian convictions with more clarity and greater love for those who hold to other faith positions. We do so whilst listening carefully and respectfully to those whose spiritual journeys are different to our own. They have much to share with us, and much to help us grow in our own beliefs.”

Here are some of their suggestions


  • Strengthen your own Christian identity and faith
  • Deepen your knowledge and understanding of different religions
  • Develop friendships with people of other religions in your neighbourhood
  • Offer peace to a woman wearing a hijab or a niqab
  • Gather a group of women from other religions in a local coffee shop
  • Have a church meeting in a shop run by someone of a different culture.
  • Offer to help a refugee family with homework. You can do this through your local school.
  • Find out what worship centres are in your area. Consider working together on community projects like “Clean Up Australia”
  • Take your youth group (or family) to visit worship at different religious places.
  • Join an Iftar dinner, the meal which breaks the daily fast during Ramadan.


SIRC Interfaith Presentation Sermon Document

SIRC Handout for Synod

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