Webinar: Church and COVID-19

Join the Being a Multicultural Circle and Assembly Resourcing Unit for our second webinar looking at the Church and COVID-19.

The focus of this webinar will be our ministerial practices and how they have been impacted by the pandemic and new understandings that have emerged. The webinar will take place on Thursday 30 July from 7-9pm.

Our speakers will include:

Rev. Karen Ross
Rev. Valamotu Palu
Rev. Alexandra Sangster
Samuel Miao
Rev. Dr. Seforosa Carroll
Rev. James Bhagwan
Rev. En Shuo Zhu

Theological Listener: Rev. Dr. Ji Zhang
Moderator: Rev. Dr. Matagi Vilitama

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Learn more about our speakers below

Rev. Alexandra Sangster

Alex has been working as a Minister of the Word with the Uniting Church in Australia for over 15 years and as an actor and facilitator for over 20 years.

Alex has taught at the National Theatre, The Center for Theology and Ministry and Whitley College and has facilitated many retreats and workshops, in both corporate and community sectors, designed to awaken, inspire and challenge.

Alex is passionate about breaking open Story in ways that liberate, inspire and awaken and in ways, which create connections with the emerging church and those who are spiritually hungry but culturally anti-institution. She is currently the Minister at Fairfeild in Melbourne and is the Advocate for the Transforming Worship Circle. Alex also works as an activist with Love Makes A Way and ARRCC (Australian Religious Response to Climate Change) and most recently has been arrested while blocking the gates up at the Adani frontline.

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