The UCA in 100 words or less

Describe the UCA in 100 words or less

As part of the Act2 Project Survey, people are being asked, in the light of the Basis of Union, to describe the Uniting Church in 100 words or less.

How would you describe the Uniting Church? What’s important for us to remember?

Here’s some examples from people who have already completed the Survey:

“The Uniting Church has its identity in the Gospel and it is part of the one holy catholic and apostolic church. Its rich collection of resources enables it to seek to proclaim its central message about Christ in local communities. Having its identity grounded in The Lord Jesus Christ it continues to significantly raise people’s attention to the message contained in both the Old and New Testaments. The Uniting Church at the heart identifies itself as a multicultural church committed to a covenant with the Aboriginal and Islander peoples.”

“A broad church with a history of diversity.  Part of the universal apostolic and catholic church. Grounded in Christ, known by its worship, witness and service. Able to take risks to care for those on the margins, a church at its best that is there for others. Strong on social justice, advocacy and care of the least within our country, supporting our church partners around the world.”

“A Pilgrim people exploring what God wants us to be in a constantly changing world that is so different to two millennia and more ago. A Christian movement of people constantly seeking Jesus Christ's guidance in how to be inclusive, championing social injustice, expressing God's love for neighbours, challenging community leaders' values and policies, and highly visible in and to the struggling world; as a caring group of believers promoting community harmony and wellbeing through caring, supporting, exampling God's values, irrespective of their faith or no faith.”

“In our best expressions we embody the reconciling love of God in Christ - a voice of challenge and change in the political and cultural landscape of Australian society; a diverse body, working together with one another and the Holy Spirit to bring new life to people, communities, structures and systems, open to renewal of our life. In our less than best expression we are an institution stuck in the past, tied to outdated structures and ways of being church because it has always been this way. We fight among ourselves and are distracted from our core purpose of reconciliation and renewal of all things, creation, people, communities, structure and systems.”

Understanding who we are/our identity is important as we look to the future, and consider what God is saying to us as the Uniting Church about how we order our life so we can be committed to transforming lives and communities in God’s love.

We’d love to hear what you think. Be part of the UCA Act2 Project as we discern God’s way together.

To find out more about Act2 and how you can be part of this important conversation, first read the Introduction to the Project, then take the Survey so we can begin to hear your voice.