Growing in Faith Book Club

Growing in Faith Book Club, Uniting Church Australia

Some Circle Members are reading Keeping Christianity Weird by Mike Frost.

Circle Advocate Rev. Ann Perrin reflects on this quote:
"Richard Beck says, the eccentric Kingdom doesn’t claim territory over against the world. The eccentric Kingdom doesn’t erect walls to create a gated community...The eccentric Kingdom is the embedded, pilgrim, landless, possessionless, homeless, sojourning, itinerant missionary community called and commissioned to live lives of radical service and availability to the world.”

  • I have been reflecting on the itinerant nature of the church and how my local community see themselves as anything but itinerant. Do you think this is a good descriptor of how the church needs to think of itself for today?

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A Prelude:

Michael Frost writes in Chapter 1 of the ‘Think Different’ Apple ad campaign. Here it is.