Emerging Generations

At its heart, “The Great Commission” (Matt 28:16-20) is a call to pass on the faith by making disciples who follow in the footsteps of Jesus. A key part of discipling is the way the Church nurtures and encourages children, youth and young adults within its family.

The Uniting Church is committed to resourcing the next generations of Christian faith by inviting younger people to join in God’s mission, equipping and releasing them to do so.

All people, especially children and youth, need mentoring, support, appropriate resources and opportunities, to assist them in the formation of their faith, to enable their discipleship and movement into the life of the church, with encouragement to develop and exercise leadership and ensure they remain life-long learners in the faith.

One way we can do this is by developing young leaders who have competence and experience both within their own cultural context but also across cultural, generational and inter-faith contexts.

Get Involved

The Discipling the Next Generations Circle is an invitation to be involved with how the Assembly supports our emerging and next generation of leaders and to connect with others who are passionate about this space.

This circle is open to everyone, circle members will have the opportunity to learn more about and to participate in the ways we do this, including the creation of resources, developing intergenerational awareness in diverse settings and the initiation and support of national youth events.