At its heart, “The Great Commission” (Matt 28:16-20) is a call to pass on the faith by making disciples who follow in the footsteps of Jesus. A key part of discipling is the way the Church nurtures and encourages children, youth and young adults within its family. We seek to resource the next generations of Christian faith by inviting younger people to join in God’s mission, equipping and releasing them to do so.

The Discipling the Next Generations Circle is an invitation to be involved with how the Assembly supports our next generation of leaders and to connect with others who are passionate about this space.

Open to everyone, Circle members will have the opportunity to learn more about and to participate in the ways we do this, including the creation of resources, developing intergenerational awareness in diverse settings and the initiation and support of national youth events.

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Discipling the Next Generations

Intergen meets intercultural

The shape of discipleship in the intersectional space between intergenerationality and interculturality   By Robin Yang I am hoping to begin a national conversation that explores how we do lifelong discipleship and faith formation in the messy overlapping space between intergenerationality and interculturality. Dr Holly Allen, a leading voice in intergenerational ministry based in the US,

Discipling the Next Generations

Children and Families Ministry

Cover of the July/August Faith at Home Resources from Messy ChurchAUGUST UPDATE This excellent list of resources is from a newsletter compiled by Chris Barnett from the Intergenerational Ministry – Children & Families team at equipping Leadership for Mission (eLM) in the Synod of VIC/TAS. NEW Faith at Home resources Faith at Home: Resources from

Discipling the Next Generations

The Church today

Discipling the Next Generations

TNC 2ND Gen lead Youth Rally

Discipling the Next Generations

Life Post NYALC: Emily Mills

Discipling the Next Generations

Making Christ's love known