Creating a Welcoming Sensory Space

By Rev. Beatriz Skippen, Bulimba Uniting Church, QLD

Our Bulimba Uniting Church building is 152 years old. We have a hall, a kitchen downstairs and a vestry with a kitchenette. There is no office space.

Last year we rearranged the vestry, putting in some couches and some toys.

I realised the importance of having sensory toys for children with intellectual or developmental differences.

It’s an opportunity to focus on the abilities and not on the disabilities. 

We tried to create a welcoming environment for families, so that during the service there is a place where they can go and come back when they’re ready.

Sometimes they just need a little break.

Not many people use the space yet but it is available for when it’s needed.

During the month of the Walk for Autism, I introduced Julia, a Sesame Street character who has autism to create awareness in our church.

In the Children’s address I spoke about how to support children who have sensory difficulties.

Below are some photos of the space we have created.