Called to love all Creation

For the month of September, Christians around the world unite in prayer and action as part of the Season of Creation.  

It is a time to reflect on our connection with the Earth and to act on Christ’s call to love and care for our neighbour and all of God’s creation.   

Churches often participate by having liturgies that are themed on the environment or taking part in some action that will lessen our impact on the planet. A number of excellent resources are compiled each year to assist (see below).

This year Seasons of Creation coincides with the invitation from UCA President Dr Deidre Palmer to participate in the Global Climate Action on Friday 20 September.

In an open letter to Uniting Church members Dr Palmer writes, “Climate refugees, widening deserts, polluted oceans, endangered animals and vanishing forests are signs of the suffering of our planet, and a cry for us to take compassionate action as disciples of Christ.”

The climate action, led by youth and young people, calls on our Government to enact policies that will urgently address the climate crisis. In particular we seek:

  1. Policies which support 100% renewable energy generation by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050
  2. No new coal, oil and gas projects
  3. Just transition and job creation for workers in industries impacted by climate change and climate change mitigation actions.

To join the action on 20 September or show you support sign up here:

Seasons of Creation Resources

  1. UnitingEarth has a collection of resources for every week of Season of Creation, including videos, liturgies, interviews, prayers and more. They are themed for the five weeks as Ocean, Flora/Fauna, Storms, Cosmos and Animals.

  1. The Social Justice Commission of the WA Synod also produces resources for Sustainable September which includes worship resources and a Powerpoint for each week. The 2019 theme is “Enough is Enough”.

  1. Common Grace has produced a weekly series of resources for prayer and action for the month of September

  1. World Council of Churches and other Partners have a Season of Creation Celebration Guide and website