Theological reflectors at the VIC/TAS Synod

Who are we, as the Church today?

By Kelly Skilton, Youth and Youth Adults Pastor, VIC/TAS Synod When the Uniting Church talks about young adult involvement across the Uniting Church my ears prick up with interest. I am passionate about creating spaces to champion these voices. Often wider society encourages, mentors and motivates this same group of young people that I find […]

TNC 2ND Gen lead Youth Rally

By Virginia Lavaki, TNC Second Gen Team Leader On Sunday 9 June, the Tongan National Conference (TNC) Second Gen Team hosted its annual Youth Rally in QLD. The Youth Rally brought together about 150 people from different cultures and backgrounds, different denominations and different states. We were honored to have our very own President Dr Deidre […]

Making Christ’s love known

Meet Cyrus Kung and Tansy Chen: two young leaders who are passionate about their call to participate in the life of the Uniting Church. Drawing upon the values of their Chinese cultural heritage and their ability as Second Generation migrants to thrive in a context of diversity, they are finding new ways to do mission […]

What does Easter mean to me?

Sione Hehepoto, a Panel Member for the Discipling the Next Generations Circle, offers a reflection on what Easter means to him. I thought I knew what Easter meant for me. Or at least I had an idea of what Easter is about. Well I do……well just the standard things you get when you google “what […]

Why are you still here?

By Nicole Mugford, Panel Member for Discipling the Next Generations I’ve found myself in many places within the Christian context recently where the question has been asked, “Why are you still here?” “Why are you still a Christian?” “What made you stay connected to faith and church when many others your age left?” “Why are […]

Celebrating, Lamenting and Exploring Faith

By Nicole Mugford On Thursday when all were gathered at Nunyara, after many had been on the Walking on Country experience or travelling from their homes and workplaces, there was a huge sense of excitement.  There was a real sense of anticipation and a joy that we were the Uniting Church gathered together. For me […]

Chosen by God

By Siosi Tangi Walking on Country Before NYALC 20 young adults where given the privilege to walk alongside the President of the Uniting Church Dr Deidre Palmer and journey on Ngarrindjeri Country and to the community of Raukkan on the cliffs overlooking Lake Alexandria. Raukkan means “meeting place” in the Ngarrindjeri language – it was […]

Being intentional about leadership

Virginia Lavaki, Tongan National Conference Second Gen Leader, shares her dreams for Discipling the Next Generations.I recently attended the Tongan National Conference (TNC) Executive meeting at Canterbury Uniting Church in Melbourne Victoria . We met to finalise all matters before the Tongan National Conference, to be held on 5-7 October in Katoomba, NSW.Even though it […]

Meet our Advocate

The Advocate for the Discipling the Next Generations Circle is Steve Molkentin.  We asked Steve to share a little about himself. Just call me Molk (unless I’m in trouble – then it’s Steve Molkentin). What I’m doing now: Working for Queensland Synod as the Mission Officer (Generation Next), and leading our Digital Youth Discipleship program, […]