What does Easter mean to me?

Sione Hehepoto, a Panel Member for the Discipling the Next Generations Circle, offers a reflection on what Easter means to him.

I thought I knew what Easter meant for me.

Or at least I had an idea of what Easter is about.

Well I do......well just the standard things you get when you google “what is the meaning of Easter”. But that’s not what’s been asked of me to do.

I wasn’t asked, “what is the meaning of Easter” but rather what does it MEAN TO ME.

In the past month or so there have been a few funerals in my community.

At funerals you see a lot of posts during the week from loved ones saying “Rest in Peace” or the one I see being used more recently is “Rest in Heaven”.

Being raised Christian we are taught that Heaven is a place that people who do good go to. And hell is a place reserved for sinners.

Surely anyone who has lost loved ones believes that not all go to Heaven?

Surely we aren't that naive to think that we will all end up there? Surely not...

But you know what’s amazing? JESUS.

God sends his only Begotten Son to sacrifice himself for the sake of not only the Jews but for the sake of ALL humankind.

Jesus came to save and not to forsake.

Above it might seem like I call us Christians 'naive' but no.

It is hope that they believe in.

It is hope that Jesus gave us. Hope that we can be redeemed through Christ.

And it is hope that allows us to believe and know that our loved ones will not be forsaken but through the Grace of God and his salvation we are saved. We are loved. Amazing!

I was asked what Easter means to me. And my honest answer is, Easter means Hope for me. And I am so thankful.