The Preamble to the Constitution of the Uniting Church states that “As the Church believes God guided it into union so it believes that God is calling it to continually seek a renewal of its life as a community of First Peoples and of Second Peoples from many lands”.

This journey is marked by commitments. In 1985, the Assembly of the Uniting Church unanimously welcomed and agreed to officially support the formation of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC). In 1994 the Uniting Church in Australia entered into a Covenant with our Congress brothers and sisters so that together we may contribute to a more just church and nation.

The Walking Together as First and Second Peoples Circle encourages members of the UCA to see a destiny together, praying and working together for a fuller expression of our reconciliation in Jesus Christ. The Circle is a space for walking together, for listening to and sharing of the experiences of our Indigenous brothers and sisters. The Circle will consider some of the important issues that impact our ability to live out our Covenant commitments.

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The Advocate for the Walking Together as First and Second Peoples Circle is Stuart McMillan.

Stuart is the immediate-Past President of the Uniting Church in Australia and Assembly Consultant Covenanting.

We've asked Stuart to share a little more about himself.

Walking Together as First and Second Peoples

UCA affirms First People's Sovereignty

The Uniting Church has affirmed that the First Peoples of Australia, the Aboriginal and Islander Peoples, are sovereign peoples in Australia. On 13 July, 2018, the 15th Assembly meeting in Melbourne adopted a statement affirming sovereignty of First Peoples, as noted in the minutes below: 18.09 Recognition of First Peoples as Sovereign In the light

Walking Together as First and Second Peoples

Walking Together with Courage

Alison Overeem reflects on the courage needed to walk together.  What does it truly mean to walk together? What does “together” truly mean? How do we create spaces and places for this to happen? How do we immerse ourselves in each other’s stories? In a meaningful, reflective and sustainable way that allows us to do

Walking Together as First and Second Peoples

Get to Know Rev. Jennie Gordon

Rev. Jennie Gordon is a Panel Member for the Walking Together as First and Second Peoples Circle. We asked Jennie to share some of her story. Together with my husband Rev. Arnie Wierenga, we’ve just moved ministry placements and are now working as Pastoral Resourcing Ministers across the glorious Gippsland Presbytery in the Synod of

Walking Together as First and Second Peoples

Of One Blood

Walk in the light together, First and Second Peoples By Stuart McMillan, Advocate, National Consultant Covenanting “Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground”. God addresses Cain about the death of his brother (Genesis 4:10b).  Listen! The blood of the First Nations Peoples of this land cries out from the ground to

Walking Together as First and Second Peoples

Come with us on a journey

We are going on a malaga –  buna limurr dharrwuṯthun rrambaŋi At the 15th Assembly in 2018 the UCA affirmed the sovereignty of First Peoples as described in our Preamble to the UCA Constitution and in the Statement from the Heart.  The Assembly Standing Committee (ASC) has established a Task Group to look at the