Being in relationship with others is instrumental to how the Uniting Church seeks to witness to Christ in the world. The Seeking Common Ground Circle invites people to learn about and participate in the ways the Uniting Church is in relationship with other Churches, other faiths, and those of no institutional faith, as together we seek to find common ground for the good of all.

Circle members will be informed about and invited to contribute to the Church’s witness through ecumenical relationships. This includes the ways that we seek to witness to the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, with churches across Australia and overseas Partner Churches.

The Circle will invite members to explore the importance of interfaith relationships as a means to witness to God in a world of many faiths. Circle members will engage with theological reflection discerning God’s openness to the world, be invited into mutually respectful interfaith dialogue and promote opportunities for friendship with other faiths.

Additionally, the circle will explore how the Church witnesses to the reconciliation and renewal of the whole creation as it engages with the search for spirituality and meaning in wider society, including with people who do not identify with any institutional faith.

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Seeking Common Ground

What we learn from each other

By Rev. Christine Sheppard OAM Uniting Church Minister Chair – Ecumenical and Interfaith Council Catholic Diocese of Maitland–Newcastle  When I was at United Theological College in Sydney in the mid 1980s, I was introduced by a Lecturer as a “Passionate Ecumaniac” – which I took as a compliment.  I have lived always in the context

Seeking Common Ground

WMC Seoul 2018

Rev. Dr Amelia Koh-Butler reports from the World Methodist Council Meeting in Seoul 2018. A year ago, in Rome, the Steering Committee wondered if it would be safe enough to visit Seoul for the World Methodist Council meeting this year. We prayed for peace in the midst of daily reports of nuclear arms developments and escalating