Rev Marie Wilson

Rev Marie Wilson is an ordained Minister of the Word who retired nine years ago and is now doing full time, long term supply at Trinity Church in Perth.

Rev Marie Wilson grew up in the Presbyterian Church in Victoria and was introduced to the World Council of Churches while in youth group where she studied the bible study documents for the WCC meeting in India and had a delegate come and talk to her. 

At church she took young people to visit the Synagogue each year and had a Rabbi speak at an evening service.  In the preparation for Church Union every youth group in the state studied the basis of union and she believes this convinced all who attended that God’s will and command was that we all be one.

She trained as a Deaconess and worked in Whyalla, SA.  After another year at Ormond College she went to the Pilbara in WA and was ordained.  Rev Marie Wilson was secretary of the Anglican Vestry and the UC Presbytery at the same time.   She also had various placements in Perth including School Chaplaincy. 

Rev Marie Wilson has also been part of the Council of Churches, on the ecumenical committee most of the time, been part of the Christian Unity Working Group and then the Relations with Other Faiths group.  Currently she is the Chairperson of the Council of Christians and Jews in WA.