Children and Families Resources


These resources are compiled by Chris Barnett from the Intergenerational Ministry - Children & Families team at equipping Leadership for Mission (eLM) in the Synod of VIC/TAS. Thanks Chris for this valuable resource!

Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day ideas (CPN)

Father’s Day resources (Strandz)

Father’s Day ideas (Ministry to Children)

Father’s Day ministry resource (Ministry Tools)

Father’s Day suggestions (

Building Community On-line

Connecting families, church and Minecraft (UCA)

Connecting families, virtual tours (UCA)

Animal Crossing (Animal Crossing)

Minecraft (Minecraft)

Discord (Discord)

Online Safety & Keeping Children Safe

Sep 10 Webinar - Staying Connected, Doing Ministry On-line (VCC)

e-Safety Commission resources (Salvation Army)

Keeping Children Safe resources (UCA)

Safe Church resources (PCV)      

More webinars (NAPCAN)

Nb. These are in addition to last month’s Reminder re safe digital ministry (UCA)

Covid Corner

Family Space (SU QLD)

A Post-Covid Vision (UCA)

Connecting families, nurturing faith (UCA)

Corona virus and disenfranchised grief (ABC)               

Your surge capacity is depleted: it’s why you feel awful (Elemental)

Some Australian Music Resources

Emu Music (Emu Music)

I am loved (Heather Price)

Snack Music (Snack Music)

Jump for Joy & Grow (Dan Warlow)

God’s banner over me is love (Jill Young)

Max 7 & Feeding the 5000

Song: Believe it! (Max7)

Video: A miracle for lunch (Max7)

Illustration: Jesus feeds 5000 (Max7)

Animation: Jesus feeds the 5000 (Max7)

Booklet: Ten Great Stories from Mark (Max7)

Via GenOn

Growing virtual community – FREE Logos sample (GenOn)

Growing virtual community – FREE LIFT sample (GenOn)

GenOn and intergenerational ministry (GenOn)

Moving those milestones (GenON)

Milestones ministry (Milestones)

Re:Focus Ministry (Christina Embree)

Sep 8,15,22,29 Webinars: Connecting Generations at Church & Home*

Podcast: Past, present & future together (UCA)

Resources for parents (ReFocus Ministry)

The generation game and how to play (ReFocus Ministry)

Practical tips for intergenerational worship (ReFocus Ministry)

*=e-mail for a discount code for this event and check date/time carefully for your time zone

 Justice for All

Season of Creation resources (UCA) +(PCNZ)

Well-being in Cyberspace: a consultation paper (UCA)

Climate Justice with and for children and youth (WCC)

Disability Inclusion Action Plan and Royal Commission (UCA)

The Daily Examen and an anti-racism prayer (The Coloured Glass Classroom)


Contact details for Chris Barnett:
Intergenerational Ministry - Children & Families

equipping Leadership for Mission
29 College Cres Parkville 3052
t  (03) 9340 8806  | f  (03) 9340 8805