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The mission of Woollahra — Double Bay Uniting Church

The mission of Woollahra — Double Bay Uniting ChurchWritten by Bethany BroadstockWhat does Innovation look like in the Uniting Church?For Rev Vanessa Williams-Henke and Uniting Heart and Soul in Sydney’s Double Bay and Woollahra, there are two key ingredients: an openness to take risks, and embracing a “radically honest” approach to ministry.Rev Vanessa Williams-Henke took […]

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Fresh words and deeds

Embodying Fresh Words and DeedsIn the Assembly most recent Strategic Plan, there are four pillars describing centres of future work and development needed in order to enable the Church to move boldly and confidently into the future. These four strategic areas are: Identity, Innovation, Intercultural and Intergenerational. In a series highlighting this key pillars, we want […]

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