Assembly Stragetic Plan 2017-2020

The Assembly affirms our faith in the Crucified and Risen Christ, who constitutes, rules and renews the Church.

In the light of this faith, we will live out our covenant as First and Second Peoples, our commitment to being a multicultural Church, oriented towards justice, and that engages constructively with ecumenical partners.

The Assembly will be responsive and collaborative, undertaking its particular responsibilities as set out in the Constitution and Regulations, and working with other parts of the UCA, to contribute to the mission of God to transform lives and communities.

Assembly staff will understand the relevance of their work to the wider UCA and will be committed to living out the directions of the Assembly.

Our Directions


Engage with and resource younger generations and all of our vibrant cultural communities that make up the UCA

Encourage and resource deeper discipleship of UCA members, equipping them to participate in God’s mission


Resource leadership development for all members

Encourage and promote opportunities for evangelism

Develop consistent and clear Professional Standards for ministers 

Partner with Congress to build relationships to resource developing leadership capacity


Resource and promote public engagement in justice issues for the UCA and our partners

Collaborate to provide theologically informed resources

Address issues of climate justice and refugee and asylum seeker policy

Partner with Congress in our continuing conversations about sovereignty and treaty


Respond to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sexual Abuse

Collaborate with other Councils of the Church in agreed areas of national cooperation

Facilitate an evaluation of the structures of the Church for the 21st Century 

Continue to explore with Congress the most helpful place for Congress to be recognised in the structures of the Church

Our Values

Hope - Justice - Compassion - Respect - Integrity - Innovation