Seeking Common Ground

Meet our Advocate

The Advocate for the  Seeking Common Ground Circle is Rev. Dr Amelia Koh-Butler. 

We asked Amelia to share a bit about herself.

What I'm doing now:
1. Carer for my husband with Cancer
2. Parramatta Mission’s Multifaith Chaplain to Western Sydney University (the most multicultural uni in the Southern Hemisphere)
3. Writing
4. Starting my faith communities using Godly Play/Deep Talk
5. Supervising doctoral students

My greatest achievement has been keeping my integrity in ministry.

My Nana always taught me don’t trust the church as an institution, do make a difference from within, rather than casting stones from without.
Do be kind
Courtesy doesn’t cost anything, but rudeness is a sin

Someone who inspires me is Lee Lin Ching and Pope Francis

My favourite bible characters are Rahab and Dinah

What I've been watching on TV:
Berlin Station
Janet King
Filthy, Rich and Homeless (which featured Parramatta Mission)

The future of the Uniting Church is to live into the vision of Being a Multicultural Church who sees the imago dei in others, whatever the faith background.

It is tied to investing in intercultural fresh expressions and challenging the dominant culture of white, middle class, ageist attitudes in too many of our Presbyteries.

A call to heaven where denominationalism falls away.

Reclaiming our prophetic voice and action, Wesleyan-style, about injustice and prejudice and contributing that voice and action into the world.

Why I am passionate about this Circle:

I was born into a mixed culture family. Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism confronted atheism in my early years and I was only ‘christened’ in order to go to a church school where I was evangelised. As a Christian I learnt the cost of faith when I was disowned by family.

I was initially enthralled by evangelical faith, but living overseas exposed me to ecumenism and the stretching of my faith by others. It also taught me practical apologetics.

I am currently in a peer supervision group in a CPE with a Buddhist Monk, a Catholic Priest, a Catholic nun, a Fijian Methodist and a Pagan Witch (at least a couple of whom are not heterosexual). They keep me honest in my articulation of faith. They encourage me in my followership of Jesus Christ – even more than the UCA does… we need to work on that!

A little more about Amelia
Amelia is both an accredited Youth Worker and Minister of the Word currently working for Parramatta Mission in the Synod of NSW/ACT, where she is an Interfaith Chaplain at Western Sydney University. Amelia has served the Church nationally in many roles including as a member of Assembly Standing Committee, the Multi/Cross Cultural Reference Committee, Education for Ministry Working Group, and Worship Working Group. Amelia is currently the Worship and Liturgy Chairperson for the World Methodist Council with a primary focus on multicultural and intercultural expressions of worship. She is currently a member of the Western Sydney Indigenous Advisory Group and participates in Interfaith events, such as the Affinity Intercultural Foundation's annual Abraham conference. Amelia has also served in a variety of Congregational, educational and community placements.

Panel Members of this Circle are:

Alison Bleyerveen
April Kailahi
Geoff Boyce
Rev Heather Griffin
Rev Marie Wilson
Siosiana Joyce Tangi
Rev Tara Curlewis