Worship in the Uniting Church

Worship is a fundamental activity that draws us together in Christian community as members of the Uniting Church.

When we worship together we are drawn into an encounter with God and with each other. Everyone brings their own gifts, varied and different.

In the Uniting Church every Sunday, we worship in more than 45 different languages, including First Peoples languages.

Planning Worship

When Uniting Church members gather for weekly worship, there are a number of elements that you might expect – for example, a Call to Worship, Readings from Scripture, Prayers for the People. The Worship Planning Guide is a helpful starting in the planning and leadership of worship in the Uniting Church.

The worship book of the Uniting Church is Uniting in Worship 2, which is available in hardcover and DVD. UIW2 also contains a wealth of other resources for worship. The DVD offers additional resources for those responsible for planning and leading worship.

Ordered Liberty

While Uniting Church worship has certain elements that we usually follow, we strongly encourage leaders of worship to be enterprising, energetic and imaginative as they plan for worship. We call this Ordered Liberty.

Alive to God in Worship is an excellent introduction to the preparation and leadership of worship that is contemporary and creative.  

The Lectionary

Many in the Uniting Church follow the Revised Common Lectionary which sets out the seasons of the Church and a full list of dates and Bible references with helpful resources for preaching.

View the Lectionary Resource 


The Assembly has a wide-ranging collection of worship resources to help worship leaders prepare for worship, including for specific occasions, worship themes and resources in different languages. 

Get involved: 

If you are passionate about what enables healthy and vital worship in the Uniting Church, you might like to join the Transforming Worship Circle. Circle members are invited to learn about, share information on and explore worship resources for liturgy, including in different languages, as well as for music, preaching, dance, drama, intergenerational and intercultural worship. FIND OUT MORE.