Central to the identity of the Uniting Church is a commitment to pursue a just and peaceful world. As Christians we believe that all people are precious and that we are called to follow the example of Jesus to love one another. The Working for Justice Circle provides a space to live out this calling to be a prophetic voice for justice in our church, our communities and our world.

Circle members will be informed about, engage with and contribute to how the Uniting Church pursues social and economic justice, human rights, peace and care for the environment. There will be a particular focus on climate change and refugees and asylum seekers as two key areas of concern for the Uniting Church.

The Circle will support the work of the Assembly to encourage wider theological reflection and action on issues of social justice. Collaboration, sharing and joint action will be a major feature for this Circle, both across the Church and with others who are also committed to working for justice.

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The Advocate for the Working for Justice Circle is Rev Loni Vaitohi.

We asked Loni to tell us something about himself.

Working for Justice

Called to cross borders

By Rev. Charissa Suli, Assembly National Consultant I recently had the joy of attending and participating at Surrender Adelaide 2019. By accident, I stumbled across the Surrender movement visiting some friends at Surrender Melbourne last year. I was instantly intrigued. Surrender is a grassroots movement hosted by a number of missional communities and small organisations

Working for Justice

Welcoming Refugees in Warnambool

By Rev. Malcolm Frazer, Warrnambool Uniting Church Fadak Alfayadh is telling a good news refugee story across regional Australia. Her aim is to counter the negative tones of many politicians and media in recent years and to encourage a more welcoming Australia to refugees. Speaking at Warrnambool Uniting Church at an event for the Warrnambool

Working for Justice

Why Australia must join the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

by Doug Hewitt, Christians for Peace, Newcastle “Australia has long been an advocate of nuclear disarmament and has been an active party to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. But, unlike New Zealand, it has not signed on to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. In fact, its attitude has been very negative so far.