As Christians and members of the Uniting Church, worship is a fundamental activity that draws us together. When we gather in worship, we respond to God’s invitation to be loved and we encounter God’s own gracious self-revelation through word and sacrament. In communal worship all bring their gifts, varied and different. Being drawn into communion with God and others can be a transforming experience.

The Transforming Worship Circle invites people to engage with the ways the Assembly resources the wider Church and thinks creatively about our worship.

Circle members will be invited to learn about, share information on and explore worship resources for liturgy, including in different languages, as well as for music, preaching, dance, drama, inter-generational and intercultural worship. This might also include thinking on preparing spaces for worship and the multiplicity of factors which enable healthy, vital worship within the breadth of the Church.

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Called to be a Church for All

Rev. (Deacon) Andy Calder, Disability Inclusion Advocate, VIC/TAS Synod, offers this introduction and background. When preparing worship services, how much consideration is given to who will be there? Will all people find the liturgy accessible? What forms of communication are used? These are some of the questions which have been raised by people with disabilities,

Transforming Worship

Statement of Access and Welcome

Below is the Rationale for the Proposal – Disability Access Guidelines, adopted by the Assembly. In the Gift of Being – Called to be a Church of All and for All, a powerful image is Paul’s message to the Ephesians that Christ has come to tear down the walls that separate us (Eph.2:14). Divisions between “us” and “them”

Transforming Worship

Welcoming the Alien

By Rev. Lindsay Cullen, Assembly National Consultant and Sci-Fi aficionado Sci-Fi Church Sydney is a “Fresh Expression” designed to create a community space for people who love Sci-Fi and want to discuss the themes and ideas they find in Sci-Fi books, TV shows and movies, and the ways they intersect with spirituality and the Christian