As Christians and members of the Uniting Church, worship is a fundamental activity that draws us together. When we gather in worship, we respond to God’s invitation to be loved and we encounter God’s own gracious self-revelation through word and sacrament. In communal worship all bring their gifts, varied and different. Being drawn into communion with God and others can be a transforming experience.

The Transforming Worship Circle invites people to engage with the ways the Assembly resources the wider Church and thinks creatively about our worship.

Circle members will be invited to learn about, share information on and explore worship resources for liturgy, including in different languages, as well as for music, preaching, dance, drama, inter-generational and intercultural worship. This might also include thinking on preparing spaces for worship and the multiplicity of factors which enable healthy, vital worship within the breadth of the Church.

Called to be a Church for All

A liturgy resource that acknowledges both the experiences of exclusion and embrace for people with disabilities. The liturgy is the result of the 15th Assembly's commitment to justice and exclusion regarding people with disabilities.
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The Advocate for the Transforming Worship Circle is Rev. Alex Sangster.

Rev. Alex shares with us what makes worship transforming.

Transforming Worship

"Love that works no ill"

Rev. Radhika Sukumar-White reflects on how a joyful celebration of the resurrection quickly turned to a day of grieving for the hundreds killed in the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka. She helped organised two vigil services in Sydney, which drew large numbers of people from all backgrounds. On Easter Sunday morning, my congregation in

Transforming Worship

Hello Companions on the Way!

One of my favorites all time worship inspirations passed away earlier this year. Her name was Mary Oliver. Of her many, many great works was this little gem, which, in a way, captures the heart of what worship can be…. “Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” As folk involved

Transforming Worship

No Donkey and No Inn

Circle member Rev. Jon Humphries reflects on the story of Jesus birth as it is in the scriptures, without the cultural and religious filters on. This is what he found.  1. Life is hard for many. They eek out their daily existence following routine and culture. For some, even in the midst of daily struggle,