Hope in the Empty Tomb

By Rev. Charissa Suli, Assembly National Consultant Ke tupulekina ‘etau Tui ‘i he Otua mo vahevahe ‘a e Ofa ‘a Kalaisi – “to grow our faith in God and share the love of Christ” was the Easter theme for the Cecil Gribble Congregation in the Sydney Central Coast Presbytery. For the first time the congregation […]

Photo Credit: Nicole Cleary/Crosslight

Living the message of Easter

The Uniting Church is made up of many culturally diverse communities that bring their own cultural traditions and different understandings of faith. At Easter, many of our multicultural communities draw upon the rich cultural traditions of Easter in their home countries and the expression and meaning given to Easter in those places. Rev. Ajub Jahja, […]

Decorated boiled eggs are an Easter tradition in Lebanon

What I miss at Easter

Levon Kardashian reflects on Easter in his home country of Lebanon and adapting to a different experience in Australia. In our Church which has symbols for everything and everything symbolises something, this Easter I was looking for the symbols my home church has to mark Christ’s death and resurrection, but I could not find them. […]

Of One Blood

Walk in the light together, First and Second Peoples By Stuart McMillan, Advocate, National Consultant Covenanting “Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground”. God addresses Cain about the death of his brother (Genesis 4:10b).  Listen! The blood of the First Nations Peoples of this land cries out from the ground to […]

Cruciform community

By Matthew Julius, Growing in Faith Panel Member As we journey towards Easter we turn particular focus to the central event of our Christian faith: the crucifixion of Jesus the Messiah. There the body of Christ hung dejected and condemned from a Roman cross. It is this event which defines our faith. ​ The Basis […]

Luke and Easter

By Rev Dr Matthew Wilson All four gospels recount the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Each gospel tells the story from a different perspective, and each story is different. John’s gospel tells the story of Jesus quite differently from the other three synoptic (like-seeing) gospels. However when it comes to the Easter […]