National Conferences

The Uniting Church National Conferences provide opportunities for people of the same culture to meet together for worship, fellowship and development.

National Conferences:

  • Facilitate networking and cooperative discussion nationally enabling our multicultural communities to address issues and celebrate good news within the life of congregations and its people. 
  • Provide opportunities to learn and reflect on how to engage and develop ministry and mission within the life of their congregations and the broader Uniting Church.
  • Develop the next generation and nurture the young people in leadership and growth. 

The National Conferences enable the voices of different multicultural communities to be heard and to make a distinctive contribution to the life of the Uniting Church.

In 1987, the Tongan National Conference became the first national conference. In 2019 we welcomed the formation of our newest National Conference, the Ibero-Latino National Conference. 

There are now 13 National Conferences: Tongan, Samoan, Fijian, Indonesian, Korean, Tamil, Chinese, South Sudanese, Filipino, Niuean, Vietnamese, Middle East and Ibero-Latino. The conferences vary in size and each conference decides when and how often they will meet.

Contact details and meeting dates of each National Conference are listed below.

Tongan National Conference: meets every second year, with an annual youth gathering. The next Conference will be in 2021. The Second Generation team will lead a youth rally in 2020 in Melbourne.  
Chair: Rev. Feke Kamitoni

Fijian National Conference: meets every three years. The Conference last met in February 2020 in Adelaide. 
Chair: Jone Lotu

Indonesian National Conference: meets every two years. The Conference last met on 5-7 April 2019, in Melbourne.
Chair: Rev. Ajub Jahja

Samoan National Conference: meets every three years with leaders meeting annually.  The next Conference will be in Sydney in October 2020.
Chair: Rev. Kili Mafaufau

Vietnamese National Conference: meets every two years. 
Acting Chair: Ps. Minh Bui

Filipino National Conference: meets every three years. 
Chair: Rev. Berlin Guerrero

Chinese National Conference: meets every two years. The conference last met in March 2019 in Melbourne. 
Chair: Rev. Anna Zhang
Secretary: Rev Enshuo Zhu

Korean National Conference: meets nationally every two years with a Minister's retreat on the alternate year. The next meeting will be in 2020. 
Chair: Rev. Ju Min Hyung
Secretary: Rev Seung Jae Yeon 

Niue National Conference: meets every year. The next meeting will be October 2020. 
Chair: Ps Kenni Nelisi

South Sudanese National Conference: meets every three years. The next meeting will be in 2020.
Chair: Rev. Amel Manyon

Middle East National Conference: meets annually. The next meeting will be in 2020. 
Secretary: Levon Kardashian

Ibero-Latino National Conference (Portuguese/Spanish): meets annually. The next meeting will be in October 2020.
Chair: Rev. Esteban Lievano

Tamil National Conference: Currently no scheduled meetings.