Rev Dr Ji Zhang

Rev. Dr Ji Zhang is the national Assembly's Theologian-in-Residence. He works in collaboration with national agencies UnitingCare Australia and the Assembly Resourcing Unit, and provides theological leadership through a number of national committees.

Rev, Dr Zhang was born in Shanghai and studied theology in Melbourne and Boston, and completed his PhD in comparative philosophy/theology. His postdoctoral research was published in the book “One and Many: a comparative study of Plato’s philosophy and Daoism represented by Ge Hong”. Ji is a doctoral supervisor at the University of Divinity.

During his ministry within the Uniting Church, he served in rural communities and urban parishes. For five years, Ji worked for the UnitingWorld as the manager of partnerships in Asia, and coordinated the partnership with China Christian Council. He was a Chaplain to the 14th President Stuart McMillian, and previously served in the same role to the 12th President Alistair Macrae.