Growing as disciples of Christ, equipped to participate in God’s mission, is central to our journey of faith. As described in our founding document, The Basis of Union, (Paragraph 11), the Uniting Church holds a high regard for faithful and scholarly interpreters of Scripture, who reflect deeply upon and act in obedience to God’s living Word. We are also thankful for the learning which comes through literary, historical and scientific understanding and continue to be open to learning from contemporary thought and societies.

Encouraging and guiding such learning and how it shapes our understanding of the faith is an important aspect of the Assembly’s work.

Growing in Faith encompasses not only our academic understandings of theology, but also how we as followers of Christ grow in our understanding and application of the faith.

The Growing in Faith Circle provides a space for people to be informed about and offer input into this important area, and to share your own faith journey with others.

Circle Members will be invited to engage with and contribute to resources and activities, such as discussion papers or study resources on topics of the moment, online forums engaging with questions of faith and doctrine, and national conferences or events.

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Growing in Faith

Meet Lofa Anga'aelangi

Growing up in the Methodist church in Tonga has shaped my family, identity as a young woman and my interpretations of the bible. May is a season in the Methodist church calendar where the Sunday school would lead worship and act out a certain story in the bible. At the age of four to five,

Growing in Faith

Your hopes for the Growing in Faith Circle

We are asking all Circle members what they think the Growing in Faith Circle can achieve this year.Some key questions: What are the important issues for our circle?What resources would be good for our church at this time?How do we enable missiological thinking and discipleship across the church?  Here are some of the things people

Growing in Faith

God for Us

Reflections on the Doctrine of the Trinity and Voluntary Assisted Dying By Dr Margaret Campbell, Panel Member Growing in Faith Making conversation during a regular appointment a few years ago, my doctor asked me about my doctoral thesis which was in its early stages. I explained that I was studying an American theologian called Catherine