There are many ways you might explore what it means to follow God's call in your life, in the Church, in your community and in the world. You might consider one of the following. 

1. Read the Bible

Learn more about faith, God and the teachings of Jesus by reading the Bible. The Old Testament is a collection of stories, Psalms, poems and other writings reflecting how the Hebrew people understood God, the creation of the world, and their place in it. The Gospels and other books and letters which make up the New Testament are about the life of Jesus, his teachings and the early leaders and communities of the Christian Church.

The Uniting Church regularly uses the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) translation.

Here are a couple of resources that can help you think about how to read the Bible.

Reading the Scriptures

How to Read the Bible

2. Gather with a Community of Faith

Find your local Uniting Church and gather with a community of people who follow Christ. Uniting Church congregations regularly meet on Sundays and also at other times during the week.

Find your local Uniting Church.

3. Follow the Uniting Church story. 

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4. Join an Assembly Circle of Interest

If you are passionate about your faith and want to get more involved in the work of the Church, then check out our Assembly Circles of Interest.

The Circles are a platform to learn about and contribute to national work of the Church and to connect with others who share the same passion as you.

Anyone can join a circle. Everyone is welcome.

Find out more about Circles.

5. Engage in some intentional learning

The Uniting Church has a number of institutions which provide learning opportunities for people to learn more about faith, the Bible, theology and leading and engaging in different ministries across the Church.

Explore what is on offer by contacting your Synod.

6. A deeper call

Are you wondering how you might best serve God, and whether to be involved in specific tasks within the Church or beyond the Church in the wider community? Perhaps you are wanting to test whether you are being called by God to a particular vocation or ministry within the Uniting Church?

 In the Uniting Church, a Period of Discernment (POD) is a specific, disciplined time for discerning how your gifts might be used by God and whether a particular role or ministry in the Church is part of your call. If you are considering a call to Ordained Ministry within the UCA, doing a POD is a required first step, but a POD can be useful for anyone thinking about how they want to serve God in their life, even if they don’t have any thoughts of Ordained Ministry.

 A POD generally lasts about one year, and involves a mentor assigned to you by your Presbytery, some agreed studies and involvement in trying different kinds of ministry activities, generally under the supervision of your Minister. Some Presbyteries run ‘Discernment Retreats’ or ‘Discernment Days’ for people who are undergoing a POD, or those who are considering a POD. Most Presbyteries have a designated person or Committee who will be able to talk to you about doing a POD. If you don’t know anyone to contact in your Presbytery, your Synod will be able to help.

If you are interested the Assembly’s guidelines concerning PODs are also available here.