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At its heart, “The Great Commission” (Matt 28:16-20) is a call to pass on the faith by making disciples who follow in the footsteps of Jesus. A key part of discipling is the way the Church nurtures and encourages children, youth and young adults within its family. We seek to resource the next generations of Christian faith by inviting younger people to join in God’s mission, equipping and releasing them to do so.

The Discipling the Next Generations Circle is an invitation to be involved with how the Assembly supports our next generation of leaders and to connect with others who are passionate about this space.

Open to everyone, Circle members will have the opportunity to learn more about and to participate in the ways we do this, including the creation of resources, developing intergenerational awareness in diverse settings and the initiation and support of national youth events.

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Discipling the Next Generations

Why are you still here?

By Nicole Mugford, Panel Member for Discipling the Next Generations I’ve found myself in many places within the Christian context recently where the question has been asked, “Why are you still here?” “Why are you still a Christian?” “What made you stay connected to faith and church when many others your age left?” “Why are

Discipling the Next Generations

Celebrating, Lamenting and Exploring Faith

By Nicole Mugford On Thursday when all were gathered at Nunyara, after many had been on the Walking on Country experience or travelling from their homes and workplaces, there was a huge sense of excitement.  There was a real sense of anticipation and a joy that we were the Uniting Church gathered together. For me

Discipling the Next Generations

Chosen by God

By Siosi Tangi Walking on Country Before NYALC 20 young adults where given the privilege to walk alongside the President of the Uniting Church Dr Deidre Palmer and journey on Ngarrindjeri Country and to the community of Raukkan on the cliffs overlooking Lake Alexandria. Raukkan means “meeting place” in the Ngarrindjeri language – it was

Discipling the Next Generations

Being intentional about leadership

Virginia Lavaki, Tongan National Conference Second Gen Leader, shares her dreams for Discipling the Next Generations.I recently attended the Tongan National Conference (TNC) Executive meeting at Canterbury Uniting Church in Melbourne Victoria . We met to finalise all matters before the Tongan National Conference, to be held on 5-7 October in Katoomba, NSW.Even though it

Discipling the Next Generations

Dr Holly Allen Highlights

Nicole Mugford shares her highlights from the Embracing Intergenerational Ministry training led by Dr Holly Allen in Adelaide. Margret Mead – “The continuity of all cultures depends on the living presence of at least three generations.” This resonated with me because the conversation in the Intergen space is often aimed at the need to have