Defence Force Chaplaincy

The Uniting Church Defence Force Chaplains Committee (UCADFCC) is an Assembly Committee, which provides members of the Australian Defence Force and their families with Christian ministry, in order to meet their spiritual needs.

The Committee works collaboratively with the Department of Defence to develop character training from a Christian perspective.  


The UCADFCC meets quarterly and comprises serving and discharged chaplains. and other co-opted members as required. The convenor of the UCADFCC is automatically appointed the Uniting Church member of the interfaith Religious Advisory Committee to the Services.

The UCADFCC provides more than 40 Ministers of the Word and Deacons for chaplaincy in the three arms of the Australian Defence Force and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

On behalf of the Assembly, the Committee’s convenor is responsible for the care of chaplains and their families across Australia. Another key role is assisting chaplains to return to civilian ministry.