Climate Justice

The Uniting Church has a long-held commitment to the well-being of our planet.

We believe that God is the Creator of the world in which we live and move and have our being, and that God calls us into a particular relationship with the rest of creation – a relationship of mutuality and interdependence which seeks the reconciliation of all creation with God.

The Uniting Church is particularly concerned about the threat of climate change, and has long advocated for steps towards a more sustainable planet and support for those most impacted.

There is an indisputable link between the human use of fossil fuels which produce greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Across the world, people and other living species are already feeling the disastrous impacts of climate change.  Without immediate and significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions these impacts are expected to worsen.

As Christians, we have a responsibility to act.

Assembly Committment 

In 2018, the Uniting Church 15th Assembly committed to:

  • Listen to and learn from the voices of vulnerable people across the world who are experiencing firsthand the impact of climate change;
  • Working with First Peoples in Australia and our church partners in the Pacific, Africa and Asia and other faiths to together understand the impacts of climate change on traditional, spiritual and contemporary ways of life
  • Advocate for government policies and political action to address climate change;
  • Consider ways we can reduce our contribution to climate change, individually and in our communities, set meaningful targets and be transparent with our efforts and outcomes; and
  • Continue to be informed about the causes and consequences of climate change and appropriate responses.

Global Strike

In 2019, people across the Uniting Church joined young people across the world in calling for Climate Action through the 20 September Global Climate Strike.

We were inspired to act, particularly in support of our neighbours in the Pacific who are living with the impacts of climate change.

READ MORE about our asks, and find resources for ongoing advocacy. 

President's Conference 2019

In July last year, the Uniting Church President’s Conference was held in Fiji, where participants committed to action and advocacy on climate change, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Pacific.

One of the keynote speakers was Rev. James Bhagwan, General Secretary Pacific Conference of Churches. In this interview he speaks about the self determination of people in the Pacific and the reality of living on the frontline of climate change.