Assembly Circles of Interest Code of Conduct

I understand that:

  • The purpose of Assembly Circles of Interest is to establish networks using social-media and email in which people share and learn together
  • People are encouraged to take ideas and resources from the Circles for use in other parts of their life and ministry
  • Moderation of Circle conversations will be shared among Circle Members
  • When I participate in an Assembly Circle of Interest the same values, ethics and confidentiality apply as in any other part of my life


As a member of the Circles I will:

  • Honour the diversity of cultures, languages, theological understandings and opinions across the UCA
  • Contribute in a positive, constructive and open way
  • Be respectful in the language and opinions I share
  • Be careful about what personal information I share
  • Be honest about whether I am sharing my opinion or quoting someone else’s work
  • Respect the confidentiality of information shared in this Circle when asked to do so


I will NOT:

  • Use language that vilifies, bullies, threatens, intimidates, harasses or abuses another person or people
  • Slander, defame or personally attack a person or their opinions
  • Post inappropriate/explicit content or spam
  • Distribute false and/or misleading information
  • Advertise/promote products and/or services (except where related to the work of the Circles – books and resources for example)
  • Use private information gained through this Circle against another Circle member for personal gain
  • Speak on behalf of the Uniting Church in Australia or any part thereof, or any other person
  • Assume any other contribution made is speaking on behalf of the Uniting Church in Australia unless it is clearly identified as such