Transforming Worship

What is was like to Live-stream worship

Ministers across the Uniting Church found creative and innovative ways to continue sharing the Gospel beyond the walls of a Church building this Sunday. 

Like many other churches, Leichhardt Uniting Church in Sydney live-streamed worship for the first time. Ministers Revs. Radhika and Adrian Sukumar-White led a 10am and 6.30pm service from their own home shared via the Church’s Facebook page and using Zoom technology. The morning service has been viewed more than 1000 times. 

Radhika and Adrian reflect on what it was like:

We were really happy with our first attempt at live-streaming worship from our house! We came into it with a number of fears that were not realised.
The service felt more natural, less awkward, and more communal than we expected it to be. We were blown away by the number of people who joined in, including both disparate members of our community, and people beyond our community from all around the country and world.

We felt it was important to maintain a sense of humour and light-heartedness during the stream – doing special shout outs to people who were joining the stream, and cheering a great piece of health news that came through the comments for the Prayers for Others.

We were also worried about how music would go: whether it would seem awkward and performance-y, but most people said they felt quite compelled to join in from the comfort of their homes!

One thing we recognised after the services was that preaching to an online audience is quite a different skillset, which we hope to develop over time.

We were privileged by the opportunity to be filmed and interviewed by ABC and SBS, naming our desire for community to happen beyond the four walls of a church building.

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