Uniting Church Takes Strong Stance Against Domestic Violence

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The 15th Assembly has adopted a statement that commits the Uniting Church to repudiate all teaching and theologies that justify domestic violence.

Monday morning sessions heard emotional testimony from some of those affected by violent acts.

Standing Committee member Bethany Broadstock brought the resolution to tackle what she called a worldwide social “epidemic” of domestic violence and  “one of the most urgent and pressing social issues of the nation and time”.

“We reject violence. We reject the complicity of the church and theology,” Ms Broadstock said.

Ms Broadstock acknowledged while many areas of the Church are already doing work to combat domestic violence that this was “another opportunity to say we will choose liberation and life” while naming and confronting injustice.

A number of members gave strong statements of affirmation that the Church needed to be doing more in this area.

The amended proposal was approved by consensus.