This indicative timetable represents the business agenda at April 2018. It will be subject to change as particular proposals are placed in the Agenda. Detailed daily timetables will be provided in Melbourne for each day of the Assembly.

Sunday 8 July

Day 1

Session 1

Venue Time
 2.00 Welcome to Country (outside Box Hill Town Hall)
Box Hill Town Hall 2.15 Worship
Report of the Business Committee Essential Business Proposals 1 - 10 Ministerial Matters
 2.30 Brief orientation to Assembly processes
 3.00 Afternoon Tea
 3.30 Community Working Groups
 5.00 Close

Session 2

 5.00 Dinner
 6.00 Buses to the city
St Michael’s Uniting Church  7.30 Assembly Opening Service and installation of the President
TBA Buses return to Box Hill

Monday 9 July

Day 2

Venue Time
Breakfast where Members are staying

Session 3

Box Hill Town Hall   9.00 Worship and Eucharist
10.00 ASC Report
10.55 Snapshot – Abundant Grace, Liberating Hope
11.00 Morning Tea

Session 4

Box Hill Town Hall 11.00 ASC Proposals
12.00 Retiring President’s Report Appreciation of the ex President
12.45 Welcome to Overseas Guests
12.55 Snapshot – Assembly Agencies
1.00 Lunch

Session 5

Box Hill Town Hall  2.00 ASC Proposals
 3.15 Prayers of Intercession
 3.30 Afternoon Tea

Session 6

Small group meeting areas  4.00 Community Working Groups considering proposals
 6.00 Close of Nominations
 6.00 Dinner

Session 7

Box Hill Town Hall  7.30 UAICC Report and proposals
 8.30 Closing Prayer and Blessing

Tuesday 10 July

Day 3

TBA8.00Eucharist (optional)

Session 8

Box Hill Town Hall9.00Worship and Bible Study
 10.00General Secretary Report
 10.55Snapshot – Abundant Grace, Liberating Hope
 11.00Morning Tea

Session 9

Box Hill Town Hall11.30Prayers of Intercession
 11.45Royal Commission National Task Group Report
 12.15Introduction of the nominees for President – elect
 12.55Snapshot – Assembly Agency

Session 10

Various venues 2.00Assembly members engaging with Agencies around their reports (Session #1)
  3.30Afternoon tea

Session 11

Small group meeting areas 4.00Community Working Groups considering proposals

Session 12

Box Hill Town Hall 7.30ASC Proposals
  8.30Closing Prayer and Blessing

Wednesday 11 July

Day 4

TBA 8.00Eucharist (optional)

Session 13

Box Hill Town Hall  9.00Worship and Bible Study
 10.00Facilitation Group report on community working group feedback
 10.45Snapshot – Abundant Grace, Liberating Hope
 10.50Distribution of Ballot Papers
 11.00Morning tea

Session 14

Box Hill Town Hall11.30All Of This Is Us – Report on the 40th Anniversary of the Uniting Church
 12.55Snapshot – All Of This Is Us

Session 15

Box Hill Town Hall 2.00Agency Proposals
   3.10Ballot for President-elect (first ballot)
   3.15Prayers of Intercession
   3.30Afternoon tea

Session 16

Small Group meeting areas 4.00Community Working Groups considering proposals


  7.30Cato Lecture

Thursday 12 July

Day 5

TBA 8.00Eucharist (optional)

Session 17

Box Hill Town Hall  9.00Worship and Bible Study
 10.00Declaration of ballot for President-elect or advice on second ballot
  Response of President-elect
  Motions of Appreciation
 10.55Snapshot – Abundant Grace, Liberating Hope
 11.00Morning Tea

Session 18

Box Hill Town Hall11.30Beneficiary Fund Report
 12.10Agency reports – responses to questions raised in Sessions 10 & 14
 12.55Snapshot – Assembly Agencies
  Close of Ballots

Session 19

Box Hill Town Hall 2.00Ballot for President elect (2nd ballot if required)
  3.15Prayers of Intercession
  3.30Afternoon tea

Session 20

Box Hill Town Hall4.00Assembly members engaging with Agencies around their reports (Session #2)
  6.00Dinner for Ecumenical and Overseas Guests (by invitation)

Session 21

  7.30Free evening

Friday 13 July

Day 6

TBA 8.00Eucharist (optional)

Session 22

Box Hill Town Hall 9.00Worship and Bible Study
 10.00Declaration of Ballots
 10.15Agency Proposals
 10.55Snapshot – Abundant Grace, Liberating Hope
 11.00Morning Tea

Session 23

Box Hill Town Hall11.00 
 12.40Overseas visitors have their say
 12.55Snapshot – Assembly Agencies

Session 24

Box Hill Town Hall 2.00Synod and Presbytery Proposals
  3.15Prayers of Intercession
  3.30Afternoon Tea

Session 25

Box Hill Town Hall 4.00 

Session 26

Box Hill Town Hall 7.30Proposals

Saturday 14 July

Day 7


Session 27

Box Hill Town Hall 9.00Worship
  9.15Remaining Business and Referrals
 10.30Morning Tea

Session 28

Box Hill Town Hall11.00Courtesies
 11.15Closing Worship and Eucharist
 12.00Close and Departures