Working for Justice

The Greatest Gift of All 

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

By Rev. Loni Vaitohi, Working for Justice Advocate

Christmas reminds me of how God exercised judgement on Godself for and on behalf of the whole of creation. The birth of the baby Jesus highlights the fallen nature of creation and the redemptive and decisive act of God to restore, renew and reconcile all of creation.

For many, it is traditional to give and receive gifts as a reminder that what God has done is the giving of the greatest gift of all, the gift of Godself. Immanuel, God among us. Born in a manger, with no home of his own and crucified between two thieves – the designated place for the baby of Bethlehem and the rightful place of God’s mission.

In that decisive act of God and the entrusted mission of the church of Jesus Christ – the homeless can find a home, the lonely are befriended, the oppressed are set free and the whole of creation rejoice and burst into song ‘Joy to the world!’

As the Advocate for the Working for Justice Circle, I thank you for your contributions and your prayers throughout the year. It is my prayer that you will find this Christmas the best ever yet in health and happiness and a most joyful new year.