The call to holiness and justice

President Dr Deidre Palmer has launched the book Holiness and Social Justice, a teaching document which has emerged from six years of dialogue between the Salvation Army and the Uniting Church in Australia.

“It is with joy that I launch this book and I commend it to you,” Dr Palmer said.

“Holiness and social justice are very much about loving God and loving neighbour – it is very much the core of our faith.”

“As an educator, I love that the book has a Study Guide and it has some wonderful questions which invite us to engage with our contemporary context as well as ancient biblical and historical themes.”

“Thank to all of you involved in the book for all your work.”

Present at the launch was the national Commissioner for the Salvation Army Floyd Tidd.

“We are very grateful for the dialogue taking place and its focus on recognising two key components in our Christian life and ministry, both in the Salvation Army and the Uniting Church and broader church,” Commissioner Tidd said.

He said the Salvation Army would launch the book later in the year and copies would be shared in the 130 countries around the world where the Salvation Army is present.

Fr Denis Stanley, Episcopal Vicar for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations for the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne wrote a foreword for the book.

In welcoming the launch he said, “The wider Australian community expects a lot from the Christian community – they do not distinguish between the Uniting Church, the Salvation Army or the Catholic community.”

“A commitment to and practice of social justice in word and deed and to holiness of life are clear makers of a Christian’s authenticity.”

Rev. Dr Sandy Yule, Co-Chair of the Dialogue for the Uniting Church hosted the launch and thanked all those who had contributed.

“This is not just a document for our two Churches but a gift for the whole Church.”

Present at the launch was Rev. Liang Ming. Vice President of the Christian Council and Rev. Zhao Chengyi, Lecturer in New Testament at the Jiangsu Theological Seminary.  

Copies of the book can be downloaded for free at