Social Media Guidelines

The Uniting Church in Australia aims to have an engaging conversation on social media that respects Fifteenth Assembly members’ prayerful discernment of God’s will for the future direction of our Church.

Before you post ask yourself: Is this something you’d be happy to have on the public record?


  • Have a positive and open conversation
  • Share things you find interesting or inspiring
  • Use the approved hashtags #Grace&Hope #UCA18 #AllOfThisIsUs
  • Retweet Assembly and Agency accounts: @UnitingChurchAu @UnitingWorld @FrontierServic6 @UnitingCare_Aus
  • Retweet Assembly Leader accounts @DrDeidrePalmer @UCAGenSec @SJMcMillan55
  • Get permission first if you’re posting images of people at Assembly
  • Reference official Uniting Church positions
  • Respond to facts, not conjecture
  • Avoid obscurity - jargon, abbreviations or language that is hard for others to follow
  • Ignore posts from trolls. Block and report people who are offensive.



  • Pre-empt official accounts in sharing important whole-of-church announcements
  • Post private information from ‘closed’ sessions.
  • Use language that vilifies others based on their race, sexual orientation, gender, religion or other beliefs.
  • Use polemic (strong verbal/written attacks) or indulge in rhetoric.
  • Bully, threaten, intimidate, disrespect or harass.
  • Disseminate false or misleading information.
  • Advertise/promote products and/or services
  • Engage in defamatory personal attacks on individual members or their opinions
  • Post inappropriate or explicit content