Discipling the Next Generations

Many hats, one call from Christ

Sione (top left) at the National Young Adult Leaders Conference in January 2019

By Sione Hehepoto

When I reflect on my calling and where God sees me, there’s no easy answer.

During the day I’m an average tradie and my profession is stonemasonry. I was once told by a friend of mine that Jesus was most likely a stonemason rather than a carpenter. But at night I tear off the HI-VIS and put on my many caps I use to fight crime and evil. Well not so much crime and evil but when I’m not installing and fabricating kitchen marble benchtops, I do put on various hats of extra-curricular activities.

One hat sees me leading and organising the church band and organising the music for Sunday morning services. That hat also has me working with the Youth and Young Adults’ choir.

My second hat finds me teaching contemporary and hip-hop dance classes to a boys-only class with kids aged 4 to 12. In these classes I find myself challenged all the time.

Within this class there’s a diverse list of personalities and you can imagine a bunch of young boys with all that energy, the class can get pretty crazy. But the best challenge and the one that teaches me most, is the young fellas who are on the spectrum. They teach me patience, give me perspective and enable me to see the world in a different light.

The third hat I wear is my TNC Second Gen hat. I am part of the leadership team and also the worship task group leader. This team is tasked with organising programs and logistics at the TNC conference held every year in Sydney.

My fourth hat is has only just been launched and that is Team Dream. An upcoming Australian kids entertainment group. We are currently touring at the moment. We provide shows and music and love to tells stories that educate and encourage children to be the best that they can be. So treat everyone who is different from yourself with love and respect. And just all round good fun and joy.

There are many more hats that I wear.

I said it was difficult to say specifically where God is calling me. But I what I do know for certain, God calls us all, not just the qualified, but because he qualifies the call.

In a way I am exactly where he wants me to be. In all the hats I wear, I play a part encouraging and nurturing the work of the Discipling the Next Generations Circle. Whether it be in church or outside the four walls. We must be a walking example of who God calls us to be.