Growing in Faith

For such a time as this

“Fa’angase” - an artwork by Troy Carney. In Tonga, this is the traditional way women and young girls are expected to sit as a sign of respect (although not bare-chested of course). Its call"faite". I never liked this way of sitting because it can be very uncomfortable. I could never hold it for a long time. For me, this image reflects the discomforting position of sitting which is part of the transitioning process in our call to ministry. The nakedness and exposing her feet are symbols of vulnerability.

Rev. Tau’alofa Anga’aelangi, Growing in Faith Panel Member

For such a time as this,
You knew us, before you formed us,
To be a gift for Your church,
For such a time as this,
You called us to be set a part, to be Your hands and feet in the world,
For such a time as this,
That we ended 2019, but not far enough that the huge pyro-cumulonimbus clouds and our chokings evolved into 2020,
For such a time as this,
Services are hosted: The closure of ministry,
Not only do chapters condense they conclude,
For such a time as this,
Communities welcome new faces, new chapters open to fresh pages,
For such a time as this,
In bare feet we enter into new places,
Discovering possibilities, capacities to grow and shift within and out into marginal spaces,
For such a time as this,
In all new initiatives, scarcity holds an apprehended position of ambiguity,
Although some may say the ability to sit within the “discomfort of ambiguity” is where you will find what is life giving,
For such a time as this,
Supposedly, we are meant “to let go”,
To shift into the deliberate equivocal space of “being in-between”;
where anxiety, resentment, vulnerability, loitering with intent, scepticism, and joy, share the same breath,
For such a time as this,
It seems uncomfortable, fearful, unproductive to be seen and connected to the virtual world,
For such a time as this,
We are to stand in solidarity, love, empathy, and hope with all humanity,
To lead, listen, to walk beside one another,
To see another day and week of uncertainty,
For such a time as this,
What has been the most painful in transition begins to heal,
And the outpouring of our creativity will flourish and it
becomes life giving for others,
These are my thoughts, For such a time as this!

(For such a time as this is an extract from the Book of Esther).


Rev. Tau’alofa Anga’aelangi is a Uniting Church minister and supply chaplain for Christian Students Uniting at Macquarie University.  She is a Panel Member for the Growing in Faith Circle.