In 1985 the Uniting Church declared itself a multicultural church, embracing the growing cultural diversity of its membership. Today in the Uniting Church we worship in 30 languages other than English (not including Indigenous languages); we have more than 195 groups who worship in a language other than English; and we have 12 national conferences which support congregations and communities of the same culture.

The Uniting Church rejoices in its diversity of races, cultures and languages as God’s gracious gift and seeks be a true multicultural church living its faith and life cross-culturally.

The Being a Multicultural Church Circle seeks to create genuine ways for diverse voices and contributions to be respectfully heard across the wider membership of the church.

This Circle is for everyone, whether you are part of a small or big community, speaking English or not, recently arrived or having lived in Australia for generations.

Circle members will be invited to share their own stories of faith, hope and love in Christ Jesus. The Circle will be a platform to learn about and contribute to cross cultural learning, ministry with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) groups, intentional intercultural ministry and formation for the next generation.

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Being a Multicultural Church

What I miss at Easter

Levon Kardashian reflects on Easter in his home country of Lebanon and adapting to a different experience in Australia. In our Church which has symbols for everything and everything symbolises something, this Easter I was looking for the symbols my home church has to mark Christ’s death and resurrection, but I could not find them.

Being a Multicultural Church

Your Invitation to Share

Fakaalofa atu, Where are we in our multicultural ministry in our Synods, Presbyteries and CALD communities? I’d like to encourage our panel members, the multi/cross cultural workers in all councils of the church and all our circle members to use our Being a Multicultural Church Circle Facebook and the Newsletter as platforms to: engage our

Being a Multicultural Church

Many Cultures, One in Christ

By Natalie Martignago, Liuanga Palu and Dr Glen Powell “It was such a significant moment. To be amongst people from different cultures, sharing the love and good news of JESUS CHRIST.” Makarite Erasito Many Cultures, One in Christ is a new worship event held throughout the year in Sydney Presbytery. The event series is designed

Being a Multicultural Church

Living God's Call

Sermon by Rev. Charissa Suli at the Induction of Rev Isileli Jason Kioa Induction Service, Saturday 9h February 2019, 3.00pm, Mascot Wesley UCA. Readings: Isaiah 6:1-8, Psalm 138, 1 Corinthians 15:1-11, Luke 5:1-11 The Lord be with you! I bring you greetings from the National Assembly office and I greet you in the name of

Being a Multicultural Church

Christ born into every culture

Circle Advocate Rev. Dr Matagi Vilitama shares a Christmas message. Christmas is a time for family and community in most cultures. It is one time in the year when families travel to spend quality time with loved ones and enjoy being in communion with one another. In many island cultures, the umu or lovo (earth

Being a Multicultural Church

Meet Rev. Jason Kioa

Rev. Jason Kioa is a Panel Member of the Being a Multicultural Circle. We asked Jason to share a bit about himself.Currently, I am finishing ministry at Dandenong Regional Uniting Church in Melbourne to move to another multicultural congregation, Mascot Wesley Uniting Church in Sydney beginning in February 2019. This is a huge move for