B7 Church Polity Reference Committee


The Church Polity Reference Committee serves to provide advice to the Standing Committee or the Assembly General Secretary on the polity of the Uniting Church, in light of the Basis of Union, the Constitution and the Regulations. The nature of its work and its mandate means that it is largely reactive to matters being considered by others; the concept of polity means that the work is advisory and not determinative.


The Committee has been requested to offer advice in four areas during the current triennium:

  1. the use of “Uniting” as a brand/descriptor for one area of the life of the Church;
  2. potential legal incorporation of the Church or of one Council of the Church;
  3. the place of the UAICC within the Constitution and structure of the Church; and
  4. clarification of Regulation with respect to the roles of CEO/General Secretary and Moderator.

In each matter, advice was provided to the Assembly General Secretary and Assembly Standing Committee for their consideration and potential action.


As Chair for this past triennium, I wish to express my appreciation to the members of the Committee for their insight and hard work when it has been required. Thanks to Rev. Prof Andrew Dutney, Dr Deidre Palmer, Rev. Dr Ian Price, Jenny Tymms, and Michaela Tiller. Unfortunately, Michaela resigned from the work of the Committee late in this term due to health considerations. Thanks also to the Assembly General Secretary Colleen Geyer for her support.

Rev. Gordon Ramsay
Chair Church Polity Reference Committee